Manual Setup Procedure

You can use the printer via a wireless or cable LAN by using the control panel and OS functions without having to use the bundled EpsonNet Setup.

Necessary Software

Before you can use the printer, you first need to install the necessary software, such as printer and scanner drivers, to your computer.
When connecting the printer to a computer for the first time, install the following software from the printer software CD using EasyInstall or Software List.
See Installing the Software
Printer Driver
Printer Driver
Scanner Driver
Epson Network Utility
Using Epson Status Monitor you can monitor printers on a network
EpsonNet Print
You can create and manage a print port (EpsonNet Print port)
EpsonNet Setup
You can modify the printer’s network settings

Setup procedure

Follow the procedure below to use the printer from a computer via a wireless or cable LAN.
After setting up the printer, make the printer-related settings on the computer. See each item for details on setup.
Step 1. Make basic LAN settings for the printer (printer LAN settings)
Make basic settings (printer name and IP address) for a LAN connection.
See Making General Network Settings
Step 2. Connect the printer to a wireless LAN (printer wireless settings)
Skip step 2 if you are using a cable LAN connection.
Enable the printer’s wireless LAN function, join the wireless network and connect from your computer. Depending on the wireless LAN security method, there are multiple setup methods. You cannot print after finishing this step even when the printer is recognized by the computer.
Setup Method
Function Name
Manual setup using control panel
Wireless Setup Wizard
Setup by direct communication with router (Push button and PIN code entry)
WPS Wireless LAN Setup (Push Button Mode)
WPS Wireless LAN Setup (PIN Code Mode)
Step 3. Registering the printer with the computer (Creating determination protocols and print port)
Register the printer to the computer. Determine communication protocols and create a print port. (The print port acts as a connector to send print data to the printer.)
You can set the following print ports as communication protocols that are compatible with this printer.
IP Address Auto Tracking
Standard TCP/IP
EpsonNet Print
Bonjour (Mac OSX 10.4.x or later)
*: When the router’s DHCP function is enabled and a private IP address is automatically allocated, there are times when the IP address differs depending on the order the equipment is turned on. IP address auto tracking is a function that recognizes the printer even if the printer’s IP address is changed by the DHCP function.
Step 4: Register the scanner to the computer (EPSON Scan network setup)
To setup EPSON Scan and use the scanner on a network, register it to the computer.
See Connecting the scanner
Step 5: Memory card slot network settings
Set how a memory card is handled on the network (only for models equipped with a memory card slot).
See Configuring the Network Card Slot