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Also, the increased download of e-books on tablets and smartphones suggests that electronic books are very often read in between, i.e. in situations in which a paper book is not at hand or not appropriate. Although the same tax classification of electronic and real books has been an issue at government level for some time now, a change is not (yet) on the horizon. Saving space is so yesterday: from now on, your digital library will be able to continue to grow in leaps and bounds. With a generous 8GB of memory, around 6 GB of it for your books, you can save up to 6,000 eBooks locally on your tolino shine 3. This means that you will always have your favorite books in your pocket, with the right book on hand at all times when you’re on the go. Wir empfehlen dennoch, gekaufte eBooks über die tolino cloud automatisch hinzuzufügen und nicht über den USB-Anschluss. Der Vorteil: Wenn Sie eBooks aus der tolino cloud herunterladen, wird der Kopierschutz Adobe DRM nicht aktiv und Sie müssen keine Adobe ID eingeben, um diese eBooks zu lesen. Wenn Sie Ihren tolino eBook Reader nicht bei einem tolino Buchhändler angemeldet haben und dies auch nicht möchten, können Sie bereits gekaufte PDF und EPUB eBooks einfach über eine Kabelverbindung lokal auf den tolino übertragen. Sobald Ihr tolino eReader über das mitgelieferte USB-Kabel mit dem Computer verbunden ist und von diesem erkannt wurde, können Sie von Ihrem Computer auf den eReader zugreifen. Sie haben jetzt die Möglichkeit, Dateien zwischen Ihrem Computer und Ihrem tolino eReader auszutauschen.

Bitte legen Sie Ihre Bücher immer im Ordner „Books“ auf der tolino eReader Festplatte ab. The most common e-book reader sizes range from 6 to 9.7 inches. The large displays are more interesting for those who want to read reference books with lots of details or photos. Devices with 6 or 7 inches are always sufficient for “normal” readers. They are then of course also better to store in hand luggage for holidays or business trips. Tips 2. Methods that I introduced here will also work on reading Kindle books on remarkable and on Nook. This is because nearly all those non-Kindle devices are not able to support Kindle format but common ePub and PDF. In a word, converting Kindle eBooks to ePub/PDF is the key solution. In fact, electronic books also have some disadvantages that we don`t want to deny you. E-books don`t usually belong to you. When you pay for such work, you only get the right to read it.

Paper books are only taxed at 7%, as e-books are software, the VAT rate is 19%. Kaufen sie ganz bequem eBooks über Ihren tolino eReader und laden diese in Ihre tolino Bibliothek. Among other things, sales figures are rising because e-book prices are tending to fall. This is mainly due to the fact that more and more books are being published additionally or even exclusively as e-books. A larger number of digital books will, therefore, have to enter the price war harder and harder. The tolino – Shine 3 eBook-Reader has a night light function and can download all kinds of documents/books from the computer.

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