Printing from a Digital Device (Home Network)

You can print via a digital device (such as a digital television) when it is connected to the Internet.
This feature is not available for all printers or may not be enabled.
To print from a digital device, you need to connect it to LAN.
For details on the print functions of the digital device, see the documentation for the digital device.

Making print settings with the control panel

If you want to set the printer’s default print settings with a digital device, see the following instructions.
Enter the Setup mode.
Select Home Network Print Settings.
If memory card warning message appears, check the message and then select Yes.
Select Print Settings or Photo Adjustments.
Make the appropriate settings.
Press OK.

Confirm printer status using Web browser

You can confirm the printer status via a Web browser.
Enter the printer’s IP address to digital device and search for the printer.
The input format is ‘http//<IP address>’.
Confirm the printer status.