Software Problems

A dial-up connection dialog box appears when printing with EpsonNet Print

Is the Internet connection set to dial-up connection?
Printing ends normally after you close this dialog box, but the message appears every time you print after starting Windows. Connect to the Internet using a LAN or start a dial-up network manually.

Unblocking Epson Software

Did you click the Keep Blocking button on the Firewall screen?
If you clicked the Keep Blocking button on the Windows Security Alert window during or after installation of the Epson software, follow the steps below to unblock Event Manager.
Click Start, point to Control Panel, and then select Security Center. Click Windows Firewall.
Click the Exceptions tab, and then click the Add Program button.
Note for Windows Vista:
Click Change settings if you cannot find the Exception tab.
Select Epson software from the Programs list, and then click OK.
Confirm that the check box for Epson software is selected in the Programs and Services list, and then click OK.